Federal Retirement Workshops

You are invited! Join us for a free in-person workshop on Retirement for Federal Employees 

Discover how to avoid pressing retirement mistakes facing federal employees

FREE: In-person workshop on federal retirement benefits


Retirement for Federal Employees Workshop:

Date: May 21st at 6:30pm 

Location: Hilton Inn Houston




We will discuss the following: 


Learn 3 options for what to do with your Thrift Savings Plan when you retire.

Market Volatility

Learn what smart investors do to avoid market losses but still grow their savings. 

Social Security

Find out ways your Social Security benefits will be affected if you move to the private sector.

Budget Changes

Find out how proposed retirement changes to next year's budget may bring major change for federal workers.

Income Planning

Learn a simple way of planning to make sure you don't run out of retirement income.

Avoid Mistakes

Learn how to avoid the most common retirement planning mistakes that could cost you thousands.